Contemporary artistic glass and glass painting tradition in Klodzo

The Museum of the Kłodzko Land since its first months documented and kept exhibits related at historical development of the glass in Kłodzko, since the half of 14th century to the nineties of 20th century. Nevertheless the main interests became the artistic glass created by artists educated in The National University of Artistic Art in Wroclaw. The core of the permanent exhibition present in the Museum forms over 205 unique works of art from glass designers and artists, lived in Kłodzko Land and worked in Lower – Silesia’s glassworks after the year 1945.

Mechanical clocks popular in Silesia in 19th and 20th century

The point of the exhibition is to present last, manufacturing, and mass production period of the mechanical clocks. On the exhibition few hundred clocks has been collected, including products from two biggest companies on Lower Silesia (19th and 20th century): Gustaw Becker’s in Świebodzice and Eppner brothers in Srebrna Góra.

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